Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Diana’s Quiz, Septmeber 30 2023

QUESTIONS What is Sukkoth? Where is the...

Cesca chairs for sale

One and one-half for the price of...

Organ donation & advance care planning 

In this session, you will learn what...
LivingFood and DrinkLocal residents organize wine & food tour of Portugal

Local residents organize wine & food tour of Portugal

This Central Portugal Food & Wine Tour will take you into the heart of this delightful country.

Portugal is “a road less travelled”; with gentle, polite, hard-working people. To see the real soul of this land, you must either live here for years or, take a guided tour which has been carefully planned.

Pasieka Wine Imports and their Portuguese specialists will take you into villages you’ll never find on your own, and you’ll meet the local Portuguese labourers who continue their ancient traditional lifestyle of foods and wine production. Most, if not all, of the Portuguese foods and wines you will enjoy on this Tour are not exported outside Portugal. And, some of the foods and wines are so exclusive to their particular regions and villages, you won’t even find them outside their particular regions.

If you’ve always wanted to see Portugal, this Tour is your opportunity to foray deep into the real country, and live Her incredible story.

Wine tasting and tour presentation at the RA Centre on Riverside Drive in Ottawa, December 7.

Terrence Davies and Joanne Pasieka



Grilled Bon Ton Chicken

Marinated Pork Kababs



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