I wonder if you could pass on my best wishes for a happy retirement to Fern Martin.

Fern with her Noreen Young caricature puppet (Millstone photo)

From 1969 to 1971 I lived in Almonte and met Fern through the choir at the United Church.  What a firecracker she was — into everything and so laid-back that it seemed that she could handle any crisis with aplomb — people didn’t even notice that they were being managed.  Since that time I have been involved and headed many volunteer organizations.  I have valued people like Fern who just believe in getting the job done!

I was a young new schoolteacher from a large family many hours away and Fern opened her heart and her home to me.  She had 3 of the most darling little ones – they were like little teddy bears – and she helped me get over my homesickness for my own younger brother and sisters.

I am sure that I was just a blip on Fern’s radar – I was there and then I was gone – but her kindness meant the world to me at the time.

Every once in a while I come across a movie in which I recognize this beautiful community and it takes me a long way back to when I was alone and lonely and  Almonte took me in.  The 2 years I spent there made a lasting impression on me – the beautiful surroundings, the lovely architecture and the kind people.

Fern embodies the spirit that I still recognize as Almonte: caring, compassionate and fun.  Best of luck to her!

Adrienne (Hayes) Davies