On December 1, 2012, 63 staff members of Almonte General Hospital (AGH), Fairview Manor (FVM) and Lanark County Ambulance Service (LCAS) were honoured for a total of 840 years of service to patients and residents. The award recipients were:

   45 Years – Joan Southwell, Registered Nurse (RN), Medical/Surgical Unit (MSU).

   35 Years – Paisley Twigge, Team Lead, Acute Care; Marion Brisson, Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), MSU; Heather Schonauer, RPN, MSU; Linda Duncan, Engineering Lead Hand, Maintenance; Julianne Caldwell, Dietary Aide, Food Services.

30 Years – Evelyn Armstrong, RPN, Rosamond Unit (RU); Donna Brown, RPN, RU; Wilma McQuaker, RN, Emergency Department (ER).

25 Years – Joan Bennett, RN, FVM; Susan Eastman, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy; Kathy O’Connell, Director of Diagnostic Imaging; Dr. Anne Oldfield, Physician; Dr. Cecil Rytwinski, Physician; Peter Vanderputten, Paramedic, LCAS, Almonte Base (AB).

20 Years – Cathy Doe, RPN, RU.

15 Years – Janice Bartlett, RN, MSU; Kimberly Drummond, RPN, FVM; Diana Shepheard, Personal Support Worker (PSW), FVM.

10 Years – Marilyn Allen, RN, FVM; Lisa Barringer, RN, MSU; Marc Charbonneau, Paramedic, LCAS, Smiths Falls Base (SFB); Lynda Coates, Paramedic, LCAS, SFB; Iris Cox, RN, RU; Tracy Doherty, RPN, RU; Paula Echlin, PSW, FVM; Judith Ennis, Support Services Aide (SSA), Housekeeping; Amanda Farrell, PSW, FVM; Peter Joseph, Paramedic, LCAS, SFB; Marly Kovacs, Paramedic, LCAS PB; Dr. Graeme McKillop, Physician; Brian Munro, Maintenance Staff, Engineering/

Maintenance; Donna Nadeau, RN, Recovery Room; Trevor Neil, Paramedic, LCAS, Carleton Place Base; Tina Payeur, RPN, FVM; Arlene Plaunt, Dietary Aide, Food Services; Joleen Surman, Paramedic, LCAS, Perth Base (PB); Patricia Toompuu, RN, ER.

5 Years – Kyle Alaver, Paramedic, LCAS, SFB; Lori Bates, Laboratory Technician, Laboratory; Melissa Bourbonnais, RPN, FVM; Kelly Bowles, Recreation Aide, FVM; Heather Candy, RN, MSU; Tracey Gemmill, PSW, FVM; Jennifer Guibord, Paramedic, LCAS, SFB; Erica Harris, Paramedic, LCAS, PB; Beverley Jackson, Cook, Food Services; Rebecca Kelford, RN, MSU; Paul Lord, PSW, FVM; Anna Mannion, RPN, FVM; Daniel McPhail, SSA, Housekeeping; Anne McRae, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy; David Mullin, Paramedic, LCAS, SFB; Deborah-Lyn Nicholson, Paramedic, LCAS, SFB; Jason Rouleau, Paramedic, LCAS, SFB; Anne Marie Saull, PSW, FVM; Adam Smith, Paramedic, LCAS, AB; Elaine Sturgess, SSA, Housekeeping; Carolyn Sullivan, PSW, FVM; Grace Taggart, PSW, FVM; Yukiko Young, PSW, FVM.