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FeaturesMailboxes of Mississipi Mills - Part 4

Mailboxes of Mississipi Mills – Part 4


by Neil Carleton

 They’re bright and bold for sure.  Some are really big.  Blue jays at the backyard feeder fit this description too, but I’m thinking of mailboxes in Mississippi Mills that reflect some of the sports, volunteer, and other interests of residents along our rural routes.

41 Rae Road 359 June 13 2013
I fell for this big catch hook, line, and sinker. It was a must stop for a photo.
36 Ramsay 8th 1835 June 11 2013
Whenever I hear fire trucks responding to a call, I’m grateful for the dedicated volunteers of the Mississippi Mills Fire Department.
64 Ramsay 8th 230 June 13 2013
Crimson, creative, and clever – a true work of roadside art.
40 Wolf Grove Road 1486 May 30 2013
“Nothing Runs Like A Deere” is the slogan of Deere & Company, commonly known by its brand name John Deere.
71 Wolf Grove Road 733 June 27 2013
One wheel says it all. A cycling enthusiast lives here.

The next article, number 5 in the series, will examine a variety of supports that keep mailboxes aloft in Mississippi Mills




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