Friday, June 21, 2024
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FeaturesMailboxes of Mississipi Mills - Part 5

Mailboxes of Mississipi Mills – Part 5


by Neil Carleton

According to the ‘Rural Mail Guidelines’ of Canada Post, the bottom of a rural mailbox should be approximately 100 cm (39 inches) above the roadway.  The preferred height is 105 cm (42 inches).  The mailbox must be upright and securely attached to a fixed post or an arm on a lever, and must not be allowed to swing freely.

This short article examines a variety of supports that keep mailboxes aloft during all seasons in Mississippi Mills.

66 John Kennedy Way 859 June 18 2013
For many years milk cans were a common sight at dairy farms along our rural roads.
67 Quarry Road next to 756 June 16
There is no way that a sturdy steel mailbox welded to an ‘I’ beam will be knocked aside when a snowplow passes by after a winter storm.
68 Ramsay 8th 712 June 13 2013
recycled material + welder’s torch = a creative solution.
69 Appleton Side Road 5518 June 18 2013
Ohlmann Geotechnical Services (OGS) is an environmental and geotechnical drilling company.
83 Rae Road 539 June 16 2013
This mailbox hanger parallels the gracefully arched branch of an elm tree.
85 Ramsay 7th 1028 June 16 2013
Here is the definition of folk art.


 My final article, number 6 in the series, will conclude with airmail boxes and other roadside treasures in Mississippi Mills.




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