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FeaturesMailboxes of Mississippi Mills - Part 3

Mailboxes of Mississippi Mills – Part 3


by Neil Carleton

The mailboxes of Mississippi Mills include bright, bold colours in a variety of designs.  Our roadsides are enhanced by their floral displays, cheery imagery, and symbolism of hospitality.

28 John Kennedy Way 719 June 18 2013
A profusion of poppies greets passersby every day at the end this driveway.
29 Barr Side Road 538 June 18 2013
Even during days of drizzle, sleet, or snowstorms, there’s always a bouquet of bright blossoms on this mailbox to brighten up the day.  
30 Blakeney Road 2027 June 18 2013
A few colours of paint and a small brush can transform a simple mailbox into a creative floral expression.
35 Ramsay 11A 1967 June 18 2013
The pumpkin harvest was good this fall on many farms in our area. There’s a good crop every year on this rural mailbox.
33 Pakenham 9th North 3011 June 14 2013
Since the era of sailing ships returning from the Caribbean islands with their cargoes of fruit, the pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality and welcome. According to the folklore of the American colonies, a sea captain would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside his home to let friends know of his safe return. It was also an invitation for them to visit, share food and drink, and socialize.

In the next article, number 4 in the series, look for examples of mailboxes that reflect hobby, sports, and volunteer interests.





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