Featured artists: Dale Dunning and Jim Hake

March 2 – April 8, 2018

Vernissage/Meet the artists: Saturday March 10, 3pm-6pm

Identity perceived, observed, hidden, constructed, imagined…From March 2 to April 8, Sivarulrasa Gallery is pleased to present Masks & Identity an intriguing duo exhibition featuring works by sculptors Dale Dunning and Jim Hake. Working with the human head and face as central motifs, and with a remarkable mastery of technique over a variety of media, each artist explores themes of identity and self.

Dale Dunning’s sculptures have been honed over four decades of creativity. His newest sculpture “Bound”, a brilliant work in polished bronze, is at once familiar and enigmatic. His Casse-tête series of works allude to both mind-bending puzzles as well as a literal fragmentation of one’s head. His masks in aluminum, bronze, and steel are meticulously executed, each employing the same generic, genderless head form that leaves it to the viewer to decipher their hidden meanings.

Jim Hake’s work is rooted in personal narrative. “Friend Project 1” and “1984” reflect on identity, personal relations and social media, employing photographic images applied to cast porcelain forms, evoking the domestic collections of china of his childhood. His Groove series, inspired by the music of his youth, includes the works “Player”, “Ronette”, and “Jackson” – sculptures modeled with hundreds of vinyl shards alluding to the social incongruities of his youth in the racially divided Baltimore of the 1970s. His ceramic maquettes, often modelled after people in his life, are studies or prototypes for larger works.

For more information, please visit our Exhibition Webpage: http://sivarulrasa.com/exhibitions/masks-identity/


34 Mill St, Almonte