Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Classified AdsMeristem Massage and Hydrotherapy now offers cozy sauna nook

Meristem Massage and Hydrotherapy now offers cozy sauna nook

As the days darken and the temperature drops, you might be wondering how to face the coming of winter. The age-old practice of relaxing in dry heat saunas has kept people healthy and warm for centuries across the globe. And today, the benefits of hot/cold contrast therapy are making headlines as it is being championed by professional athletes, physicians and wellness influencers alike.

Meristem Massage and Hydrotherapy in the Carp Village has recently added a cozy nook to their massage therapy clinic. The private Hydrotherapy Room offers a cedar sauna, deep soaking tub and shower facilities. Clients can customize their experience – enjoying the dry sauna, adding water to the hot rocks to create a blast of steam, taking a plunge into a cold tub for the cold therapy experience or finish off with a hot Epsom salt soak in the tub. With towels, Epsom salts and drinking water provided, guests can play their own music on the speakers provided, stretch on the yoga mat, or simply lounge on the oversized wood bench between transitions.  The comfortable private room allows guests to be fully present in their own bodies without the social distractions of a public space. Available by appointment only, the room can be booked for 1-2 adults at a time allowing for a mini-Nordic experience just twenty minutes from Almonte.

Using a sauna not only feels good and helps us psychologically weather the storms of winter, but it has been shown to reduce muscle and joint pain, improve circulation and nerve conductivity, increase sleep duration and quality, and is beneficial to the respiratory system as well. Clinic owner Amy Courtney, RMT envisions the space as more ‘Be Here Now’ and less ‘Getaway’. She aims to make hydrotherapy an accessible tool to be used for regular self care and not just a luxury to be reserved for special occasions.

Almonte resident and sauna lover Mary Lumsden has been using the space for her regular self care ever since it opened last winter. “I get a total ‘reset’ without traveling far. The hot/cold therapy is great for my aching joints and my skin feels amazing after a sauna. When coupled with a massage treatment, it results in both relaxation and revitalization.”

To learn more about hydrotherapy at Meristem Massage and Hydrotherapy visit their website at




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