Good afternoon,

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the proposed Enerdu GS Expansion and Redevelopment Project on the Mississippi River, Mississippi Mills (Almonte) Ontario. You are directed to the WESA website  where all documents including the project update, project description, data and information presented at the two public information meetings hosted by the proponent (September 26, 2011 and February 7, 2012), in addition to questions and answers raised during the meetings, and the existing operating regime as legislated under the Mississippi River Water Management Plan are available.

 This e-mail is being circulated to the regulatory agency contacts involved in this project, members of the public and interest groups that have requested to be added to the project mailing list and to the organizers of the April 2012 community meeting for internal distribution as this contact list was not provided to us. Please forward this e-mail on to anyone we may have missed in this distribution.

 For any additional information on the project and to raise any issues or concerns please feel free to contact me.


 Ms. Pilar DePedro 

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