Next up at the Almonte Lectures on November 24th at 7:30pm is Mike Coxon, recently retired CEO of Mills Community Support.

An entertaining speaker, Mike’s lecture promises to reveal an “under the hood” look at how Mills Community Support got to where they are today, how they operate, what they do, how they pay the bills, why they are needed, who they help (answer: everyone?), and what the future might look like. Most importantly, Mike will speak about the foundational thinking that underlies their quiet yet impactful work.

And for trivia lovers, Mike will address the burning question: what is the “Mills” in Mills Community Support? You won’t want to miss that!

Take in Mike’s lecture November 24th, 7:30 pm, at the Almonte United Church, 106 Elgin Street in Almonte. There is no admission charge to any of the Almonte Lectures, although donations are gratefully received. Additional information can be found at or on Facebook @Almonte Lectures.