Jan Andrews – Books and storytelling are Jan’s passions. She’s been an author since the 1970s, since the days when Canada published almost no children’s books at all.  As an author, Jan has traveled nationally and internationally but she’s very pleased to call this area home.

She came to Canada from England early in the 1960s and has never regretted her move. She believes it was Canada that freed her to be the artist that she is. She’s done her best to give back, partly through her books – the stories of our country; partly through her work with various storytelling organizations, including 2 women productions – the company she and her partner founded to get more storytelling for adults out into the world.

CBCauthor_crop Robert Fontaine

Robert Fontaine grew up in the sixties in a house where movies were woven into the family fabric—all‑night marathons at the drive-in and Saturday matinée double-bills were treasured family outings, eagerly anticipated and energetically discussed afterwards. Since 1993 Robert has been the film reviewer for CBC Radio One’s popular drive-home program All in a Day, and his lively, witty, and often irreverent reviews have become a highlight of the week for many CBC listeners. His second book, True Confessions of a Film Critic, was published in 2013. It presents Robert’s unique take on some of the very best—and the very worst—films he has seen over the last few years. Robert is an energetic and entertaining presenter. His in-person talks cover the highs and lows of film criticism, mixing amusing digressions and side trips with excerpts from his most recent book. His talks feature a lively Q & A session during which all aspects of film are fair game for a lively back and forth with the audience. Robert has been accompanying film lovers on his journey through the myriad worlds of popular film for twenty years. Ever wondered what makes a film critic tick (and occasionally explode)? Prepare for some true film confessions…