Karyn and Scott Adamson, the owners of Luna Handpies at 61 Mill St. are looking to pass the baton to a new owner or owners. We started Luna Handpies as a way to get through COVID but it grew faster than we anticipated, which is great! Unfortunately, it needs more attention than we can give it to reach its full potential.

We welcomed our son late last summer and have been struggling to balance family life with the demands of a growing business. We’re hoping to find new owners who can more fully commit themselves than we are able to at this time. Despite the hardships of dealing with COVID for the past year, the shop has seen incredible growth and we’ve had to expand our staff from 1 to 8 in only a few months.

If you’ve ever had a dream of running a cafe / bake shop, this is the place for you! It certainly doesn’t hurt being in a beautiful historic building in Downtown Almonte too. We’re hoping to complete the transition to new ownership by May 1st 2021. In the meantime, we’ll still be pushing the business forward with our full hearts, making it the best we can until we find the perfect fit for new owners.

We have a few different purchase options available. For more information, please contact Karyn and Scott at hello@lunahandpies.com