What is a Yap stone and what does it have to do with money?

Why was there no nickel in Canadian 5 cent coins during WWII?

What is the Bank of Canada’s role in our economy, and what does it do for you?

You can discover the answers to these questions, and much more on Mills Community Support’s trip to the Bank of Canada Museum on Monday, September 11th.

This exciting trip will allow you to explore the newly renovated and recently reopened Museum with its collections featuring centuries’ worth of economic artifacts, from ancient Greek and Roman coins, to shells once used as money, to bank notes made from tree bark. The Museum also offers hands-on, interactive exhibits that cover everything from how people’s expectations affect the health of an economy to how inflation targeting works. You can even design your own bank note!

Our trip to the Bank of Canada Museum includes bus transportation. We will also take time to have lunch before we return.

To register for this trip and for more details, please call our Home Support office at 256-4700.