Calling All Artists/Designers in Lanark County – Competition to Design a Donor Recognition Piece


Since the 1970s, Mills Community Support (MCS) has been doing good things in our communities by meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable residents of Lanark County. During last year MCS has raised almost $120,000 through the generosity of local business leaders, individuals and organizations within Lanark County to help us expand and enhance our services for seniors – through the creation of the Country Street Centre (CSC).

What is the Country Street Centre?

The fully accessible CSC will provide a unique place for seniors and others to connect. Situated between our two seniors’ apartment buildings on Country Street in Almonte, the Country Street Centre will bring seniors together to share in health, social and recreation activities. The Centre will allow MCS to expand its services to more community members and to better deliver on its mission to “create welcoming communities through capacity building, partnerships and person-centred services”.

The Competition – Donor Recognition Piece

Now that the construction of CSC in nearing completion, MCS is looking to find a unique and creative way of recognizing the generosity of our donors in this space. This is where you come in. MCS is initiating a competition for local artists and/or designers to create a ‘sculptural piece’ that will facilitate numerous donor names and will be expandable over time. The piece must be completed and installed by the May 31st, 2019.

The Process

To get started – specs on the space and onsite visit will be provided for those who are interested in entering this competition. Please contact Lisa Ryan at by November 23rd to notify us of your interest in joining the competition.

Site Visit and MCS Information Package: A site visit will take place at 411 Country Street on Monday November 26th at 9:00 am in order to become familiar with the context for the Donor Recognition Piece (DRP) and for a Q & A session as needed. The information package provided by the Mills will include dimensioned floor plans, a partial site plan as well as building section (Note: the DPR can be an interior or exterior installation).

Expression of Interest – once you have received the design parameters and attended the onsite visit you are invited to submit a formal expression of interest which should include but is not limited to:

  • Artist/Designer CV
  • Budget for the piece – including materials, installation and artist’s fees. [MCS proposes a budget limit of $5,000.00]
  • A graphic and/or written description of the proposed DRP. This need not be a fully developed proposal but sufficient to communicate the design approach/expression. This can be supplemented with examples of the artists similar work etc. (be as creative as you like – there are no limitations)
  • Timeline for completion of piece with breakdown of major steps to finishing the piece

Deadline for Submission of Expression of Interest: December 14th, 2018. Submit by email to Lisa Ryan at

Selection of Artist: The successful proponent will be selected by Friday Dec 21st.