Monday, February 26, 2024
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NewsMississippi Mills appreciates long term businesses in our community

Mississippi Mills appreciates long term businesses in our community

by Edith Cody-Rice

On October 18, Mississippi Mills held its third annual Long Term Business Appreciation Event at the Almonte Old Town Hall. Businesses were honoured for operating in this community and making their contribution to it over significant periods of time. Before a large audience, business owners were invited to the stage to receive a certificate of appreciation. Nineteen businesses were honoured this year.

Businesses that  have local roots and remain in a community are a stabilizing factor and very important to the well being of the town. Organizers inaugurated this event to show them recognition  for their contribution.

At the end of the event, North Market Catering, Baby Cake, Sweet Cheeks Kitchen, Tea & Cake and Baker Bobs offered refreshments to the attendees. Flowers were donated by Cashmere & Rose.

Below are the recipients of this year’s honours.

25 years or more: (not in order) Hennemann Stanley Design, Pakenham Highland Golf Club , James Naismith Museum, Thornton Marine and Small Engine Repairs, Brent Munro Electric, Reid Landscaping & Gardens, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.
35 years or more: (not in order) Eldon Munro Construction (not present), Henry Deugo Plumbing, Dale Dunning, Cochran Seeds, North Lanark Regional Museum, Rayburn Evans. To the left of the group – Mayor Shaun McLaughlin
50 years or more: Conrad Farms, To the left of the group – Mayor Shaun McLaughlin
65 years or more: (not in order) David and Dorothy Duncan, R. Tait MacKenzie Museum, Frank and Norma Ryan, Barthhaven Farm, Emerald Meadows. To the left of the group – Mayor Shaun McLaughlin 

Photos: © Brian Hargreaves of BH Photography 




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