Lessons Learned – Media Relations to Antiquing Barley Mow
Date: 15 Apr 2015 6:00 PM EDT
Shaun Markey

Meet: Shaun Markey

of Shaun Markey Communications, a media-relations expert and avid antique buyer.  He will tell us how he brought his two worlds together using a successful Facebook page to promote his book Folk Art in the Attic.  He’ll be using his experience with the book as an example of how to reach out to the media with a “story” and to generate coverage as a result. He’ll share a short summary of the results of his efforts and also talk about how and why small businesses should dedicate just a little bit of time doing media outreach. Finally, he’ll explain why the media is interested in receiving stories from small business.

You can learn more about Shaun and what he does at: