Friday, June 21, 2024
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For sale: Pet fencing, $30

30 units  3' x  2' pet fencing:...

Yard of the Week, June 19 2024

The prize for the first week of...
SportsMississippi Mills Chili Days shuffleboard tournament

Mississippi Mills Chili Days shuffleboard tournament

Eighteen teams of hardy seniors gathered at the Almonte Arena on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, to play in the Annual Chili Days Shuffleboard Tournament.
Marilyn Snedden, convenor, presents the Chili Days Shuffleboard trophy to Lorna MacNabb and Elizabeth Vaughan.

Decades ago Almonte used to have a winter festival titled Chili Days, featuring all kinds of activities. Now the shuffleboard tournament, convened by Marilyn Snedden is the sole survivor.

Despite the terrible weather predictions, only a few cancelled and those present were agreeable to filling in. Volunteers refereed and kept score.

Mississippi Mills supplied coffee and doughnuts in the morning and Denis Burns of Leatherworks Catering again provided a fabulous lunch.

After 10 rounds of play and playoffs, the winners of the trophy which has plaques on it dating back to 1993, was won by Elizabeth Vaughan and Lorna MacNabb.




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