Ash Tree2

As many know now, the invasion of the foreign Asian Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilis planipennis) in the Ottawa area is decimating all of the area’s ash trees. Thousands have now died in Ottawa and the invasion is moving our way. Prediction is that we will lose all of our ash trees in ten years.

In order to begin planning and budgeting to cut and replace our local ash trees, Mississippi Mills Public Works has asked MVFN to conduct a survey of all ash trees on municipal property in Almonte Ward. MVFN has already surveyed all of the parks and other public lands in the municipality and this Saturday, Aug. 16, the town streets will be done.

Using a blitz format, teams of three or four will fan out to designated sections and count every ash tree on public streets, estimating size and condition. They will not be counting trees on private property nor on the County of Lanark roads passing through town. The blitz begins at 8:30 A.M. with team members assembling in the parking lot at Equator Coffee Shop. Team members are MVFN members who have already registered for the blitz.

For more information, contact Cliff Bennett, 613-256-5013 or email at