Monday, November 28, 2022
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Letters to the EditorMore of that good old Almonte customer service

More of that good old Almonte customer service

Coady's Car careSomething rang a bell when I read Michael Dunn’s story about Blackburn’s garage picking up his snow tires to save him an extra trip in his car. A couple of years ago, I had a similar experience with Coady’s Car Care.

I frequently drop off one of our vehicles for service on Wednesday mornings when I attend yoga classes, about ten minutes from town. When I plan ahead, I arrange for someone to meet me at the garage and drive me to class, but often Doug Coady or one of his mechanics gives me a lift. One such Wednesday, I arranged to have a friend meet me at Coady’s, dropped off the car and four snow tires to be installed, and headed off. I didn’t mention where I was going.

Just as I was unrolling my mat, another participant came in and told me that there was someone outside wanting to talk to me. There was one of the mechanics, who had figured out where I likely would be, and had come to tell me I had brought the wrong set of tires! Not wishing to give up my yoga class, I told him to just do an oil change, skip the tires, and I would bring the right ones in another time. In the typical Coady’s spirit, though, he insisted it could be done.

Off he went back to town, out to my place another ten minutes in the opposite direction, unloaded the tires in the shed, loaded the new ones in, and took them back to the shop for installation. I guess this is just standard service for Almonte!

Linda Camponi




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