by Edith Cody-Rice 

More than 200 spectators attended the exciting  Mississippi Valley Textile Museum fashion show at the Almonte Agricultural Hall on Sunday, September 30. Darrell Graham of Darrell Thomas Textiles presented his Fall Collection The room was abuzz with anticipation just before the beginning of the show and it did not disappoint. The fashions ranged from theatrical to classic and the runway setting gave a chic upscale flavour to the event. Darrell Graham of Darrell Thomas Textiles, the high end Ottawa textile firm which also had a booth a FibreFest, broke out some highly original and some classic designers to put on an exciting afternoon. The organizer of the event, Sarah Montgomery is a MVTM board member and a superb team of volunteers circulated with nibbles and sold hot and cold drinks at intermission. The designers were

  1. Kym Brown of Bombshell Revival,
  2. Kristine Lueck of Simply Chic
  3. NIQ van der Aa
  4. Vanessa Mayville
  5. Khala Morgan
  6. Dorothy Kapanska of Dorthoy Kopanska
  7. Emma of Patches of Pun