Ever wonder about the benefits of music?

Music is a key part of our daily lives. It gives us energy while working out and helps us to de-stress when commuting to and from work. It makes us dance with joy and helps us cope during difficult times. But did you know that when we listen to music, incredible things occur within our brain and in turn, other bodily structures?

Dr. Cheryl Jones

In a medical setting, musical therapy is a healing mechanism used by accredited musical therapists. By skillfully using music, these therapists help individuals improve their health—physical, emotional, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Accredited musical therapists use music to help people cope with depression, manage their pain, deal with the effects of stroke and brain injury, and improve their memory–among other things!

Almonte in Concert, Hub Hospice Palliative Care, and Learning in Almonte are co-sponsoring a free lecture, entitled “Musical Therapy in a Medical Setting”, on Wednesday, March 28 at the Old Town Hall from 7 until 9 p.m.

Dr. Cheryl Jones (PhD – Music and Health Sciences, University of Toronto) will discuss several effective uses of musical therapy in a medical setting. A pianist and piano instructor for many years, Dr. Jones works as a musical therapist with individuals who have an acquired brain injury or who are living with a neurodegenerative disease. Her primary client population is individuals with severe brain trauma. Previous clinical work included palliative care and mental health. She has taught at several Canadian universities and currently maintains a private clinical practice, “Con Brio Music Therapy” in Ottawa. Her work has been featured on CBC documentaries.

While there is no cost to attend this event, donations to Hub Hospice Palliative Care to support palliative care in the region will be gratefully accepted. As seating is limited, please register by visiting www.hubhospice.com and find the Musical Therapy event under the “Events” menu.