Sunday, February 25, 2024
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MVCA Flood Watch

Spring runoff at Almonte

Water levels to increase again on Dalhousie Lake, will remain high throughout the system for at least the next week.

APRIL 18, 2017 MISSISSIPPI VALLEY WATERSHED— The lakes in the upper portion of the Mississippi River watershed were used to mitigate flooding downstream over the last two weeks by storing some of the runoff from snowmelt and rainfall. However, these lakes are now either at or above target levels. Discharge from these lakes will cause levels in parts of the lower watershed to remain high for at least the next week as water moves through the system. The areas of greatest concern at this time are Snow Road Village and Dalhousie Lake.

“Flows on Buckshot Creek, Fall River, Clyde River and Indian River have all peaked and are dropping steadily,” indicates Gord Mountenay, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) Water Management Supervisor. “Crotch Lake is now completely full so the increased discharge out of that lake could potentially cause levels on Dalhousie Lake to rise to where they were last week. Some of the increased discharge from Crotch Lake is being offset by diminished flows in Antoine, Cranberry and Paul’s Creeks which all flow into the Mississippi River between the two lakes. The forecasted rainfall for this week is a concern for Dalhousie Lake but should not cause any of the tributaries to increase again. Levels on Mississippi Lake are expected to continue to decline through the week.”

With warmer temperatures in the forecast, all residents are advised to stay off any remaining ice surfaces as conditions are quickly deteriorating, and parents are encouraged to remind children of the dangers of hypothermia from cold water and playing near fast flowing rivers and creeks.

This FLOOD WATCH update statement is valid through April 20, 2017. An update to this statement will be issued if required on April 21.

Daily water levels and flows are available on the MVCA website at

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority flood forecasting and warning program monitors weather conditions, snowpack water content, estimates expected river flows and water levels and issues flood advisories or warnings as required. MVCA provides early warning and continuous monitoring to municipal and provincial emergency response personnel through a flood event.




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