Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Science & NatureNatureNature Talk, “Life in Limbo” -- November 16

Nature Talk, “Life in Limbo” — November 16

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists

Nature Talk – November 16, 2023

The November meeting of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists will feature a Nature Talk called “Life in Limbo” or, alternately, “The Living Dead and the Control of Biological Time”.  Meetings are held at the Almonte United Church at 106 Elgin Street in Almonte.  Meetings begin at 7 pm, with doors open and coffee, tea and treats available starting at 6:30 pm.  Masks are optional.  

The November 16th presentation will be given by Dr. Ken Storey, a Professor of Biochemistry at Carleton University and the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Physiology.  He will talk to us about winter hibernation and our impression that animals that survive freezing perform miracles.  Ken’s lab studies the complex mechanisms that nature has put in place to control life suppression during this time, which isn’t far off!

The Nature Talks series is one of the benefits of MVFN membership.  There is an admission fee of $5 for non-members.  New members are always welcome.  The MVFN membership year extends from April 1 to March 31 of the following calendar year.  To join (or renew) your membership, please go to our website,, and click on the JOIN ONLINE section to complete the membership form. 




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