For those of us of more mature years, the internet can pose a bit of a challenge. For tech savy youth, we do not anticipate any problems navigating this site, but here are a few tips for the more mature pre internet crowd.

New material is listed in order of publication at the top right hand side of the screen in order of publication (most recent at the top). In addition to left clicking any of the tabs at the top, or the categories on the left hand side of the screen, you may simply left click the item at the top right hand corner to go directly to the most recent item.

The site allows only 10 tabs at the top of the page. We have chosen those that will contain the most frequently updated material. As the Millstone evolves, these tabs may change as we discover that one or another subject is most frequently posted. On the left hand side of the screen, you will see "Categories". We can create 300 of those and you may see items in  any of the categories by left clicking on the  category itself. The tabs at the top are simply a different way of accessing the categories listed on the tabs

You may also search our archives by entering a search term in the search box or you may  scroll through our archives for any month by left clicking on a month in the archives box

To see what has been published on any given day, you may double left click on a bold date in the calendar and you will see all the items published on that day. If the date is not in bold, no material was published on that date.

You may access our photo gallery by left clicking on the picture on the top left of the screen. That will bring up the gallery. We will publish photos taken by our readers here or in an article, depending on the subject.

Finally, and most importantly, you may subscribe by e-mail to the Millstone by left clicking the "Subscribe to the Millstone by e-mail" or "subscribe in a reader" on the upper right hand corner of the screen . By subscribing, you will be notified by e-mail when any new material is published on the main page, thus saving you the trouble of checking back to see if there is anything new.

Should you have any questions, loyal readers, please e-mail us at and we shall reply promptly.

Val Sears