Saturday, April 20, 2024
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ArchivesNeil Carleton named to Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

Neil Carleton named to Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

by  Frank Davis VO1HP
Chair CARHOF Board of Trustees
St.John’s NL

Neil Carleton

The Board of Trustees of the Canadian Amateur  Radio Hall of Fame is pleased to  announce that  Neil Carleton VE3NCE of Almonte, Ontario has been named to the Hall of Fame.

Radio Amateurs of Canada recognizes deserving Amateurs by appointments to the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame. The Constitution of the Hall specifies that the appointment as Member of the Hall is for “outstanding achievement and excellence of the highest degree, for serious and sustained service to Amateur Radio in Canada, or to Amateur Radio at large”.

The Trustees of the Hall, representing all provinces, have interpreted the Constitution to mean that the person has performed significant service over many years to enhance the well-being of Amateur Radio.

Mr. Carleton has dedicated many years of his career as a classroom teacher and radio amateur to promote Amateur Radio to Canadian Youth in the school system in Ontario.  He was a key advisor in the development of the RAC Youth Education Program. The purpose of the  Youth Education Program is to provide youth and their leaders with an innovative way of learning by introducing them to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio. The Program provides financial and personal support to Teachers in schools and Leaders in community youth groups in all regions of the country.

Dr.Robert Thirsk VA3CSA:  “I hold Neil Carleton VE3NCE in esteem for his ability to enhance learning through amateur radio.  He is a great Canadian, admired radio amateur and a worthy appointee to the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.”

Brian Jackson VE6JBJ: “His influence is felt throughout my classroom. Despite not being in his own classroom, his influence is felt in mine and with others I share his ideas with.   He is exactly what the HOF is looking for.”

Bob Clermont VE3AKV: “Mr.Carleton has used amateur radio as an educational tool in his classroom for years, with contacts around the world, having his students talking to various countries and exotic locations.  I most wholeheartedly support and endorse Neil Carleton to the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.

Radio Amateurs of Canada and the Board of Trustees of CARHOF sincerely congratulate Mr. Carleton on his appointment to the Hall of Fame.  Presentation of a  Hall of Fame plaque at an induction ceremony will be be arranged in the near future.




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