Here I am on the great river 🙂

I’d like to thank The Millstone for permitting me to post here. This paper has been instrumental in helping me integrate into Almonte. I found an apartmental rental and car all in one post…now, all I need is a house!

SO, I wanted to leverage my good luck and reach out to post my dream house and see where it goes. I want something unique and specifically suited to me.

My ideal house is small (1/2 bedroom), well maintained and clean, with a strong nature element, located within the main community. My three favourite parts of Almonte are the Beach/Fairgrounds, the Recreational Trail and Gemmill Park, areas where I spend much of my free time.

I have a great local agent (Joanne Beaton) and I am prepared to pay top dollar for what I want, but not overpay. I am not interested in engaging in bidding wars in the context of the economic and social crisis we are in; the two elements are irreconcilable for me.

That said, I want to move my life ahead and I am drawn to the water features that define your cool town. I would love, and be proud, to make this community home permanently.

So if by chance this resonates with you in any particular way, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you
Leigh Brethour