The tables will be turned at the next Almonte Lecture On November 30, 7:30 at the United Church Hall when long-time computer expert Mel Turner will present a brief history of computer development over the past 50 years.   In an era where things can change from week to week, it is difficult to keep up with the computer age, but Mel has been at the root of many of these changes, from software innovation to website construction, and understands the complexity of this vast industry.

Mel Turner has turned his passion for computers into an invaluable volunteer resource, designing websites and operating technical equipment for both the Almonte Lectures and Learning in Almonte as well as offering advice when needed.

This lecture will provide an insight into what has become an essential part of communication, from its early days of room-sized computers to present day  IPad and cell phones. So even if you are digitally challenged, Mel’s discussion will give you an understanding of the development of the technicalities we often take for granted.

This is the final Almonte Lecture for 2018, but there will be four more scheduled for the New Year. The Church Hall is totally accessible. As always, the lecture is free for all to attend, but the donation basket will sit quietly on the back table.

Please check the website: for information regarding this lecture and others.