Friday, June 21, 2024
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Science & NatureEnvironmentNo respect for Almonte seniors

No respect for Almonte seniors

Some of Almonte’s oldest residents have been bruised, rolled in public, and turned topsy turvey with fractures. These are, of course, the rocks of the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park at the bottom of Bay Hill in town.

They were interviewed today, at Canada’s first municipal geoheritage park, and expressed outrage at the rough treatment they’ve been subject to recently. Ranging in age from about 1.1 billion to a young 450 million years or so, these testaments to the vastness of geological time know a thing or two about age-related issues.

“Just because we’re as old as the hills”, explained a stately slab of fossiliferous limestone, “doesn’t mean we can be treated with disrespect”.

No Respect For Seniors 1 Half a broken marble block in Almonte at the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park, Canada’s first municipal geoheritage park.

Barely able to speak, with its unique face of glacial striations flipped over and hidden, another scientifically significant specimen only wanted to know “Why?”

“It’s elder abuse for sure” snorted a nearby gneiss boulder now chipped and scratched.

When asked what happened, a broken block of marble was just too traumatized to answer.

Through a CSI assessment at the assault scene, a shocking story has emerged. After a big, powerful machine entered the park for sewer work, many of the carefully selected and donated rocks were left in ruins. Pushed aside, marred, turned upside down, scratched, smashed in half. Not a pretty sight.

A disoriented diabase boulder summed it up. “It’s such a sad setback”.

Many volunteer hours have been devoted to the development and promotion of this showcase community project, including the expertise of geological specialists who also gave generously of their time.

Flowers and other expressions of sympathy may be left at the Park.




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