The Silent Summer of Kyle McGInley

with  Jan Andrews

Mill Street Books’ Book Club

52 Mill Street, Almonte, ON

Wednesday, November 13, 7.00 p.m.

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Ask local author, Jan Andrews, about her favourite activities, she’ll tell you, “Talking with my readers is way up there on the list.” That’s why she went to Mary and Terry Lumsden, owners of Mill Street Books in Almonte, to see if she could meet with members of their book club. That’s how the idea for Read a Book/Meet the Author was born.

 All three wanted something more than the usual author book signing; all three wanted an evening of real discussion and exchange of ideas. They’ve picked Wednesday, November 13, with everything starting at 7 p.m. with one and all invited.

Focus will be Jan’s latest book, The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley. Originally designed as a young adult novel, this one is winning awards and capturing the hearts of all ages hither and yon. It features a boy in foster care; a boy no one listens to; a boy who—in the opening chapter–decides not to speak. The story is told entirely through his perspective. He makes some extremely unusual choices, he finds some unexpected helpers, he discovers a lot about himself.  A crow which clucks and a love of moonlit walks and solitude are all part of the journey.

“There’s so much depth to how Kyle’s life unfolds, I wanted to share thoughts, to hear what he might mean to others,” Jan says.

Jan hopes that as many people as possible will read Silent Summer in advance. Indeed, Mill Street Books is offering a 15% discount on advance orders and purchases to encourage just that (list price $14.95). Even if you can’t get to the book beforehand, the evening is still a splendid opportunity to spend time in that best of all endeavours – BOOK TALK.

There’ll be refreshments and prizes and, of course, Silent Summer is perfect for adding to your Christmas-giving list. And…..well, this may not be your usual book signing, but Jan is always more than happy to sign books.

“I’d like to do more of this kind of presentation,” Jan says. “I know there are lots of book clubs out there. I know so many adults who’ve read Silent Summer have been intensely touched. I believe I can ensure a good, rich time.”

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