MillStMississippi Mills has initiated the ‘Infrastructure Renewals – Almonte Downtown Core Environmental Assessment (EA) Study.’ It will address the planning needs for renewal of underground services (water, sewer, drainage, utilities) in the downtown core.

It also involves working with the community to develop road and streetscape designs that are complementary to local business, and enable safe, convenient and comfortable access for users of all ages and abilities regardless of their mode of transportation. The streetscape design under development shall work to enhance the unique cultural and heritage features of the core that are key to the Municipality’s continued success in local business, tourism, community events and festivals.

The study process involves developing, assessing and evaluating alternatives, which will result in a Recommended Plan to be presented to Council for approval.  The study area is as shown in the key map.

An Open House will be held in June to review and discuss a draft Recommended Plan with residents and to solicit feedback. This drop-in style event will help continue the discussion as we work towards a plan for downtown Almonte.

The study will be conducted in accordance with Ontario’s EA Act, fulfilling the requirements of the Municipal Class EA process that may apply. Interested persons can provide comments throughout the study process. Any comments received will be collected under the EA Act and, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. Information about the study is also available on the Town’s website and Facebook page.


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