This is one of a new monthly series of excerpts from the Almonte Gazette, 1867-2009. 

by Brent Eades

In November 1962 the number one song was Sheree by the Four Seasons; the Cuban missile crisis came to an end; and ADHS won the regional football championship again.

The caption below the photo reads:

Almonte defeated Perth in home-and-home games to take the 1962 Lanark County Interscholastic Football championship. Members of the championship team are:

bottom row, left to right: B. Poupore, D. Toop, T. Gillmoure, M. Finner, K. Barr. S. Newton, L. Somerton, D. Lowe. B. Boal, M. Dunn

second row, left to right: E. Day (coach), R. Tlmmons. D. Price, R. Daley, j. Caldwell, P. Taylor, W. McGee, D. Quinn, B. Cougle, P. Callaghan. R. Levi, D. Scott. C. Timmons, D. Maynard (coach)

third row, left to right: S. Graham, H. Thompson. J. Ralph, B. Gallagher, B. Cougle, H. Sabourin. D. Lugsdin, M. Coady, P. Sabourin, M. Doyle, J. Bertram, S. Taylor, B. Hahn, G. McMullen, C. Newton C. Kells, R. Newton, G. Scott. O. McDonald, P. Korikowski, R. Crawford.

At Gunn’s Red & White Foodmaster, chicken was selling for 35 cents a pound. Winners of “the weekly draw” were Mrs. Audrey Reid, Miss Amy Whitten, Mrs. Bert McCrae, Miss Olive Lorimer and Mrs. E.P. Clement:


The O’Brien theatre (now The Hub) advised you to “get more out of life, go out to a movie”. The Hotel Almonte was offering a ‘special dinner’ for 95 cents. Stan’s Meat Market was selling three pounds of sausage for a dollar. Phone numbers still had only three digits.