Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Giant Baked Beans with Sausage Meatballs

by Susan Hanna This is another great recipe...

Ukrainian pysanky egg workshops at St. Andrew’s in Pakenham

Join Rev. Sheryl McLeod in the spiritual...

Proceeds from St George’s breakfasts support school food programs

Prior to the pandemic, the parishioners of...
Night SkyOct 2017 Neutron Stars in Collision - Astronomically Significant!

Oct 2017 Neutron Stars in Collision – Astronomically Significant!

 by Pat Browne

The October 2017 announcement of the detection of a gravitational wave event, GW170817 from the merger of two neutron stars are producing  significant  discoveries across ‘the full spectrum’ of astronomical research.

This event produced not only LIGO-VIRGO gravitational wave signals but also  electromagnetic (spectral) results  and  the gamma ray burst GRB 170817A    – all from this single event. The event marks a series of significant FIRSTS from collaborating astronomical observatories.

-courtesy Wikipedia Article on Galaxy NGC 4993. This is a galaxy found in the constellation Hydra, and visible in the Northern Hemisphere in springtime; so it sets before the sun in October 🙁

For more information on LIGO – visit the Millstone News article:

Here’s a video describing in detail the significant astronomical discoveries: Ripples in Space, Flashes in Light – Caltech

For more information on  how nuclear fusion in stars, and eventually core collapse or merger  explosion produces nucleosynthesis of heavier elements, download the pdf – courtesy Sky and Telescope- March 2008: SkyAndTel-StarStuff pdf




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