by Pat Browne

The October 2017 announcement of the detection of a gravitational wave event, GW170817 from the merger of two neutron stars are producing  significant  discoveries across ‘the full spectrum’ of astronomical research.

This event produced not only LIGO-VIRGO gravitational wave signals but also  electromagnetic (spectral) results  and  the gamma ray burst GRB 170817A    – all from this single event. The event marks a series of significant FIRSTS from collaborating astronomical observatories.

-courtesy Wikipedia Article on Galaxy NGC 4993. This is a galaxy found in the constellation Hydra, and visible in the Northern Hemisphere in springtime; so it sets before the sun in October 🙁

For more information on LIGO – visit the Millstone News article:

Here’s a video describing in detail the significant astronomical discoveries: Ripples in Space, Flashes in Light – Caltech

For more information on  how nuclear fusion in stars, and eventually core collapse or merger  explosion produces nucleosynthesis of heavier elements, download the pdf – courtesy Sky and Telescope- March 2008: SkyAndTel-StarStuff pdf