Saturday, November 26, 2022
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EnerduOpen letter to Mayor John Levi: Where are the “real facts”?

Open letter to Mayor John Levi: Where are the “real facts”?

Enerdu-5 John, you often refer to the “real facts” with reference to Cavanagh’s Enerdu project proposal.

For example, in the Millstone on July 9th you wrote: “They [The MRW] appear to have difficulties dealing with the real facts.” On July 14th you say: “Sorry to say but Millstone may not be your best source for accurate information.”

However, I’ve never seen you publicly publish or proclaim the “real facts”.

As a member of Mississippi RiverWatchers (MRW) – I can say the group strives to publish only verifiable facts. Many of those facts get published in the Millstone as well – which strives for accuracy. MRW takes great pains to not publish information which cannot be supported by proof, or that is speculation or rumor (of which there is tons!).

So I ask you, please publish these “real facts” for all of us to see.

George Yaremchuk

Disclaimer: This email is my own and has no association with any organized group.




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