Friday, June 21, 2024
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LivingOrder your Civitan tourtieres now

Order your Civitan tourtieres now

by Alice Puddington

Growing up in Arnprior in a large family meant lots of hard work for our Mother at Christmas. We always had overnight visitors and others who came just for dinner Christmas Day. All had to be fed.

One year, due to a horrendous snowstorm we even picked up a neighbouring family who couldn’t travel as planned. As they had no provisions they joined us. What’s another 6 last-minute guests?

Mom made everything look so easy. Come one! Come all!

Christmas Eve we always had tourtiere pie. To feed everyone at our large table Mom had a couple of those delightful meat pies, homemade baked beans, scalloped potatoes, a green salad, homemade chili sauce, buns and if anyone had room for dessert we ate trifle until we were too full to move. Those are happy memories.

I have tried over the years to pass down this Christmas Eve tradition, especially tourtiere pie.

A few changes have been made though to our menu. One change is I serve Civitan tourtieres. They are better than the ones I make myself and so much easier. Take them out of the freezer, cook and serve! The smell throughout the house of those baking pies triggers our appetites and many beautiful memories.

Trifle has been changed to vanilla ice cream and shortbread cookies. Although not identical to my growing up years today’s tourtiere feast brings all the seasonal joy we can embrace.
We too enjoy a houseful of family and friends at our Christmas Eve table. It is a special time.
I am a member of the Almonte Civitan Club. Each year we make dozens of Tourtiere pies and sell them to the community. If you haven’t ordered yours yet please do so. As we raise money we make donations to support many groups in Mississippi Mills. This makes your tourtiere purchase a double win.

Orders can be made through any Civitan member, online at or by calling Trish at 613-256-1082. They are $24 and pick up is Thursday November 30 starting at noon until 6 pm.

Have you ordered yours?




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