Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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LivingHealthOur family health team

Our family health team

  by Marnie Bruce

Antoinette Strazza, the new Executive Director of the Team is pleased to say that she is finding her new position challenging in a very positive way and an "incredible experience". She is pleased with the dedicated vision of the physicians, the additional health providers and members of the community. The community has been "most engaged"in the initiative which began in November, 2010.

The team now includes 12 physicians, a nurse practitioner, a dietition, a chiropodist and a pharmacist. A psychiatrist will also be available for three sessions monthly. They will be located in the Old Fairview Manor attached to the Almonte General Hospital. At present, there are five differend doctors offices in small teams in the area and one joint practice in the hospital. It is expected that a registered nurse and a social worker will be added in the future.

Antoinette expects that the main floor of the Old Fairview Manor will be renovated and ready to welcome participating physicians and all the other health providers by fall.

The new team. working collaboratively, will enable patients full access to their own doctor and when required, the assistance of the interdisciplinary health providers. Your family doctor may see you first and then suggest you meet with the dietitian or the chiropodist where appropriate. Once the new offices are ready, all members of the team will be available on the first floor of the Old Fairview Manor.

Most of the physicians already have electronic records of their patients. In the future these records will available on a joint data base. This will enable all the team to access medical records as needed.

This initiative will be of great benefit to all and will be welcomed warmly by Mississippi Mills. 





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