Equator Coffee Roasters co-founder Craig Hall launches Bripe Brew Pipe next Wednesday

With pallets of product in warehouses ready to ship across Canada and the USA, Equator Coffee Roasters Co-founder Craig Hall is introducing his latest venture – the Bripe™ Coffee Brew Pipe™ Kit – at product demo events in Equator Coffee’s Westboro and Almonte locations next Wednesday July 19th (1PM in Westboro at 412 Churchill Ave. N. in Ottawa, then 4PM at 451 Ottawa St. in Almonte).

Hall is also Co-founder of Bripe Inc., a company he started with a crowd-funding campaign last year with Bripe’s inventor and Co-founder Tim Panek, who lives in Costa Rica. Weighing only 337 grams, the CDN $99.99/US $84.95 Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit has everything hikers, kayakers, cyclists, canoeists, birders, mountaineers and light-kit campers need to make a perfect shot of coffee (or tea) wherever their adventures take them in an ultra-light, ultra-portable Bripe pouch.

Customers who attend the Bripe launch events on July 19th can buy their own Coffee Brew Pipe Kits for a discounted price of $75. Both Equator Coffee locations will also be featuring $10 bags of fair trade organic coffee beans with each Bripe purchase. During the events, coffee and food will be on offer, and several products in the coffee company’s Almonte location will also be on sale for 25% to 50% off.

The idea for the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe comes from a friendship of nearly 20 years that spans two continents and involves entrepreneurs who share a deep love of adventure and community service.