Pakenham Frost Festival continues into the second week

The Frost Festival continues this week with Bingo on Wednesday, January 25th at the Pakenham School opening at 6:30 pm and on Thursday, January 26th, 4-hand Euchre at the Upper Hall, Stewart Community Centre at 7 pm.

Friday, January 27th is a busy night with a Fish ‘n Chips dinner on 4:30 – 7 pm, with tickets required in advance from Nicholson’s Store.  A Peek at the Past Display will be set-up again this year.

At 7:15 pm, the Appreciation Ceremony takes place at Centre Ice at the Stewart Community Centre.  This year the community will be acknowledging the many years of hard work and dedication by the organizers of the highly successful Burn Your Bra for Bev events.  Following the Appreciation Ceremony, the Junior B hockey game starts between Arnprior Packers and the Ottawa West Golden Knights.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Michael Gauthier

BYB4B Organizing Committee:

Back Row (L to R):  Grace Argue Badham, Kathryn Wood Pinel, Karen Killeen Leonard, Kim Schultz Larioza, Cindy Sue Potter

Front Row: (L to R): Kristy Wood-Giles, Jody Watt-Gleeson, Cheryl Hunt, Darlene Ryan

In twelve years of Burn Your Bra for Bev, over half a million dollars have been raised!  The intention in the beginning was simple; gather women, have fun, dance all night and raise money for those in need.  Tragically, in 2006 the committee experienced a great loss with the sudden passing of fellow organizer Bev Griffith.  For that reason, Burn your Bra was then known as Burn your Bra for Bev (BYB4B), in order to commemorate the impact she would forever have on the group’s devotion to the causes they supported.

Ms. Gleeson stated with glee, “Since the inaugural event in 2005, not only was it always sold out, it had a 200+ waitlist each and every year.  The women who attended did so with their daughters, mothers, grandmothers, friends and neighbours.  They came from near and far (Bev’s daughter all the way from San Jose, California) for this never to be missed event.”

The Burn Your Bra for Bev has allowed the memorializing of those special to the organizers, to better understand the challenges of others and do a small part to help those in need.  The BYB4B night was where women could come together and be reminded of the power in small communities and small efforts.  It will be hard to imagine a year without Burn Your Bra for Bev, but the work and intention still lives on – it just may be a little quieter this Mother’s Day weekend on the streets of Pakenham.

Many groups and organizations have benefited financially though hundreds of others have been touched with the generosity of a small town.  It could not have happened in any other place and the community would like to show their appreciation to these energetic women for their efforts.  They too would like to express their thanks to those who helped to raise the following much needed funds.

On Saturday, January 28th, the Tobogganing party will start at noon at the Pakenham Highlands Golf Course will bring out the young and some fun while others can participate all day in snow sculpturing adventures at the 5 Span Feed and Seed, near the bridge.  Snacks of hot dogs and hot chocolate round out the day.

The Frost Festival Pub night will see The Ryan’s start at 8 pm until Arnprior’s own Casey Corbin, takes the stage.  The entertainment continues with the John O’Neill Bake Auction.  A free local shuttle service will be offered, sponsored by Barr Bus Lines, by calling in advance at 613-624-5925.

All advance tickets for events are available from Nicholson’s Store in Pakenham.

The Pakenham Frost Festival is organized by the Pakenham & District Civitan Club.