Monday, April 15, 2024
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LivingHealthPartners work together to serve the needs of our community

Partners work together to serve the needs of our community

Mary Wilson Trider4by Mary Wilson Trider

At Almonte General Hospital we often talk about being part of and serving our community. We also talk about working with partners to provide coordinated care across the continuum—meaning the right type of care, at the right time and in the right place—which isn’t always the Hospital.

We are all very proud to be part of Mississippi Mills.

People who are fortunate enough to live or work in this community speak proudly about the high quality of education, athletics, musical and artistic talent and community services that are available to us.

Perhaps, without thinking about it, we are describing a wide variety of organizations, businesses and programs that exist together in Mississippi Mills to meet the needs and interests of people who have had different experiences and who are at different stages in their lives.

Individually, each one serves a unique part of the population. Together, they help to make Mississippi Mills a special place.

I remember someone telling me about the incredible support she received from friends and neighbours when a new baby arrived sooner than expected while her husband was out of town.

She talked about the kindness of people—whose names she still doesn’t know—who helped to look after her other children while she was in the hospital.

This same network of collaboration and support offered by our community organizations helps ensure that people have the opportunity to live full, healthy, productive lives in Mississippi Mills.

As one of those organizations, Almonte General Hospital appreciates the contributions made by our partners, including The Mills Corporation, The Hub Hospice, Lanark County Mental Health and The Alzheimer’s Society of Lanark County, to provide care and service that allows people to stay in their homes and in their community.

We are confident that our partners also appreciate the care and service we provide in our three operating divisions when people need an ambulance, a hospital or a nursing home.

Separately, we each play a different role in supporting the needs of individual citizens. Together, we serve the community.

 Mary Wilson Trider is President and CEO of the Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor




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