The Guitar Gods beseech you…

Assuming that you play guitar (doesn’t everybody?), Sunday, April 9 might be considered a divine epiphany of celestial consequence… or it might be a good day to come to a Pentatonic Patterns Plus Clinic presented by Ric’s Guitar School.

Local guitar teacher Ric Denis explores this simple five note pentatonic scale with substitutions and combinations that stay simple and work great for rock, blues, jazz, and all those funky mash ups. This will be an interactive workshop so bring along your guitar. There will also be performances by The Fearless Freep to help demonstrate these concepts in real time. For the real keeners, you can also check out ‘Ric’s Pentatonic Trick’ on or

Ric Denis has over twenty-five years teaching and performance experience, plus Dean’s Honours in jazz/classical musical education at Mohawk College.

Pentatonic Patterns Plus Clinic – Sunday April 9 at 1:30 pm. Upstairs at The Barley Mow, 79 Little Bridge St, Almonte. Admission is $10 at the door – $5 for students.