by Peter Nelson

Well, if you’ve been reading all these travel stories (Congratulations, if you have! And we’re nearly at the end of the road.), you’ll know that Rio de Janeiro is in first place in the romantic cities category. I’d put Stockholm in third place. But Hong Kong is definitely a serious contender for ultra-romantic locations. My old photos and brief remarks certainly don’t do it justice. Do yourself a big favour and watch “The World of Suzie Wong”, with Bill Holden and Nancy Kwan. It was filmed in Hong Kong and shows the exotic beauty of the bustling city.

c106 - Hong Kong
A couple of junks passing in front of the Star Island Ferry. The ferry was, in those days, the only way of getting from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and the New Territories.
c108 - Hong Kong
The view from Victoria Peak, at the top of Hong Kong Island. That peninsula across the water is Kowloon. Kowloon is full of nightclubs and bars and markets and hotels, all of them cheaper (and therefore much busier) than the ones on Hong Kong Island.
c109 - Hong Kong
Look the other way when you’re up on Victoria Peak, and you’d swear you were the first explorer to see these new islands. Well, almost …
c110 - Hong Kong Junk
I’m normally a modest person, but gotta ask, is this not one of the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen?
c111 - Hong Kong
We took a ferry over to Lantau Island for a day’s exploring. Not a lot of flat land anywhere in Hong Kong, but as you can see, when they find any, it’s immediately put into cultivation.
c112 - Hong Kong
The perfect photo to end with. And some photos are better off without the clutter of words.