Join the Phantoms of Yore and investigate the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area which features a historic 1830’s Grist Mill and a 19th century Gate House. Activity has been reported in both locations since opened to the public.
Activity includes doors opening, closing and locking! Furniture moves in the night! Unexplained creeks in the floorboards and stairs! Uneasy feeling of being watched! Knocking! Cold spots! Motion sensors triggering! and lights that have a mind of their own!
The rich history includes the lives of two pioneers of Physical Education, Robert T. Mckenzie and James Naismith the inventor of Basketball. Close friends raised in Almonte, ON they used to play in the Grist Mill when it was abandoned. Robert Mckenzie purchased the Mill in the 1930s and named it the Mill of Kintail renovating it into his summer home. Well known and famous people attended his summer home for the beautiful nature and perhaps for the ghosts. William Lyon Mackenzie King did perform seances at the Mill of Kintail when visiting. Has a door been opened that has not been closed? Can this explain the paranormal activity? Perhaps Naismith and Mckenzie have returned to the Mill in spirit, their most beloved place? Some say its Ethel, Mckenzie’s wife that was unhappy with the renovations done? The Mill having 190 years of history its anyone’s guess who haunts the Mill of Kintail.
What happens at the event? You attend a Paranormal Workshop, you will be using the tools of the trade so you will need to know what they do and how they work.  Discussion on theory and hypothesis in the paranormal field. Historical presentation, you need to know the history to formulate the right questions for the spirits. Sugary snack and lots of caffeine! It’s going to be a late-night of communication with spirit! Step into the dark and document your investigation with all the tools of the trade, new school and old school using our infrared cameras! Post-event, review your footage! What did you and your friends capture!
To reduce any possible risk of infection. The event is broken up into time slots: 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 PM. Each time slot is a team and teams will not be in contact with other teams. Maximum of 8 people per team. PPE will be provided if you do not have your own. The equipment you will be using will not be shared with anyone outside your household. Stationary equipment will be handled by the team who will be equipped with PPE. Each group will have its own bottle of sanitizer. Temperature readings will be taken at the door, prior to entrance. All refreshments will have manufactured packaging. Coffee will be available and handled by the team equipped with PPE. We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure we create a safe environment. The groups and arrival times will be sent by email to ticket holders the Wednesday prior to the event weekend. Either be 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30. The experience will be over 3 hrs long meaning that if you are the last group you will finish just after 01:30 AM. Preference to time slots will be first come first serve if sent by email prior to the Wednesday before your Event Weekend.
Warm clothing is recommended as it can get cool at night, do not wear clothing that swish and swoosh. Wear comfortable shoes, this event is over 5hrs. No strong perfumes or colognes. Alcohol use is prohibited, those under the influence will be asked to leave without refund. Waiver of Release and Liability will be presented to be signed. 18 years or older to attend, if you have youth who wants to attend please private message us.
Please arrive at least 10 min early, limited space is available.