Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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LivingGardeningPoultry Yard of the Week

Poultry Yard of the Week

Jim Mountain sends us this (tongue-in-cheek) nomination for the local ‘yard of the week.’ We wish Bernadette, Murielle, and Penelope all happiness in their new home.

I respectfully submit this entry for yard of the week!

Penelope, Bernadette, and Murielle – 3 Americauna laying hens – have cultivated this 8-foot hollyhock this summer. Being kept weed and insect free (and well-fertilized), the plant has thrived. The three talented horticultural hens literally flew to our farm near Clayton from Yellowknife, NWT. They were part of a chicken co-op project our daughter Lara, who lives there, participated in.

A  philosophical crisis amongst the co-op members emerged. Deemed “older and unproductive” by some in the co-op, they were destined, tragically, for the soup pot. Northern daughter rescued them and thanks to the superb airline — Air North — with direct flights from Yellowknife to Ottawa, they arrived safe and sound.  And now, loving their new surroundings, they resumed laying eggs too !

And so, please consider as “yard of the week”  the creation of Bernadette, Murielle, and Penelope.





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