OEB Energy EastICF International Inc, one of the Board’s Technical Advisors, has prepared a preliminary assessment of the impact of Energy East on Ontario natural gas prices. As with the Board’s other Technical Advisors, ICF is now working on its final Report. Read ICF’s preliminary assessment.When you click on this weblink, you will get all the Reports being produced on this Energy Pipeline Project being undertaken by the OEB Consultants.  To get to the Impact Assessment on Natural Gas Prices, scroll down about halfway through the other Report Links to a Section entitled: Preliminary Reports.

We will post all the Technical Advisors’ Reports on the Board’s website together once they are ready. These Reports will be posted as soon as possible, but it will not be sooner than the end of March 2015.

The deadline for Part Two written submissions will be at least two weeks after the release of the Reports. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to review these Reports before you finalize your submission.

For more information on the OEB Energy East Consultation and Review visit www.ontarioenergyboard.ca/oebenergyeast or contact our third-party facilitator at: energyeast@swerhun.comor 416-572-4365.

Please contact AODA@ontarioenergyboard.ca if you require meeting materials in an alternate accessible format, the use of any assistive devices or any other special considerations while attending a community discussion.