Flying Box Theatre 2A unique puppetry and storytelling troupe from Montreal , The Flying Box Theatre, will be flying their portable stage into the area the weekend of June 13th & 14th for three public performances, at MERA ArtsFest in McDonald’s Corners, in the band shell at Sharbot Lake beach, and at the Perth and District Union Public Library.

 Some years ago a German folklorist discovered a collection of 500 long-forgotten folk tales in a basement archive in Regensberg, Bavaria. Tales like The Tailor and The Moon, The Flying Little Box, and Hans Dudledee had all rested, untold, since they were collected in the early 1800’s by Franz Xavier von Schönwerth.

 These contemporaries of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood are being translated and staged for the first time in English by The Flying Box Theatre, which they present as puppet shows on a custom built stage they take with them wherever they perform.

 The Schönwerth Tales feature multiple stories, handmade marionettes, scrolling crankie-shows, music & fun. The Flying Box Theatre explore these stories from the depths of their cultural significance to the heights of their adventurous plots, all within the magical world of their portable puppet stage.

 Hans Dudeldee and Other Forgotten Fairy Tales is a 45-minute performance that tells the story of this newly discovered collection of folktales and brings them to life with an eclectic mix of puppetry from rod marionettes to cardboard cut-outs. Featuring live accordion music, sing-alongs and storytelling, Forgotten Fairy Tales keeps kids and parents entertained while presenting stories that read like the quirky cousins of Snow White or Cinderella. Sleeping in a basement for around 160 years, these tales now grace the Flying Box puppet stage with their fantastic adventures. Young and old alike will be thoroughly entertained.

 The Flying Box Theatre presents Hans Dudeldee and Other Forgotten Fairy Tales on Saturday, June 13th at 5:30 pm at MERA ArtsFest at the Schoolhouse in McDonald’s Corners. Admission is free. The presentation will be repeated on Sunday, June 14th, at 10:00 am in the band shell at Sharbot Lake beach (1021 Medical Centre Rd), and at 1:30 pm at Perth and District Union Public Library (30 Herriott Street). Admission for these two performances is by donation. For more information, contact Danny Sullivan at 613-268-2376 or