Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Letters to the EditorReader objects to Monarchist League criticism of Governor General

Reader objects to Monarchist League criticism of Governor General

Very recently comments made by Robert Finch, the long-time Dominion Chairman of the Monarchist League Canada, caught national media attention. Mr. Finch had the temerity to criticize our Governor General Ms. Mary Simon for discussing the popularity of King Charles in Canada in a media interview.

In my view, Mr. Finch’s comments were not just inappropriate but insulting to our vice-regal representative. Ms. Simon is not a puppet of the Monarchist League of Canada. She represents Canadians, and rather well, not the League. She is not beholden to Mr. Finch when she wishes to express her views on the Monarchy.

Frankly Mr. Finch I suggest you stick to your knitting. Advocate for the Monarchy to Canadians. Educate, do research to advance the interests of the Monarchy in Canada. Your mission should be to support and promote the work of our Vice Regal representative the Governor General not criticize her. Incidentally, where was your voice when recently the Federal Government unilaterally made significant changes to the Crown emblem in Canada? I would have thought that change might have provoked some criticism from the League?

Jim Moore, Almonte


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