In partnership with Mill Street Books, please join author Frances Itani at the library in Almonte on Saturday November 4 at 1:30 pm when she reads from her new novel, “That’s My Baby.”

Picking up the story started in her novels “Deafening” and “Tell”, this story follows Hanora, a young woman who is told about her adoption, but given no details. As the Second World War looms, Hanora is determined to uncover the mysteries of her identity.

This quest will take her across the ocean and headlong into the tumult of Europe. Amid the tensions of World War II, the music and the great dance halls of the era beckon, and a career as a journalist becomes possible, even as her great love, Tobe, enlists in the Infantry.

But Hanora will not let the past lie, even though, decades later, the truth remains beyond her grasp. It isn’t until Hanora discovers a set of diaries written by a late local artist that she begins to piece together the central issue of her own identity, hidden from her since birth.

Itani’s vivid storytelling, infused with music and seamless historical detail, reveals how memory, no matter how imperfect, can shape the person we believe ourselves to be.  Frances Itani, a Member of the Order of Canada and a three-time winner of the CBC Literary Award, has written sixteen books. Itani lives in Ottawa and we are pleased to welcome her to Almonte for this event. This is a registered event; to reserve your seat, please call the library at 613-256-1037.

For additional information, contact:

Mississippi Mills Public Library (613) 256-1037

Mill Street Books (613) 256-9090