Monday, February 26, 2024
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Science & NatureEnvironmentResidents deliver climate change letter to MP Scott Reid

Residents deliver climate change letter to MP Scott Reid

Urgent Request Delivered to MP Scott Reid

Why did a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens of Lanark County show up at the office of our MP Scott Reid last week?

We were doing the same task and making the same request that other concerned Canadians were doing at 250 offices of Members of Parliament across the country.

We delivered to Mr. Reid a summary of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. The report’s message is that the door is closing on our chances for a healthy future. We have to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half in 12 years.

This message is effectively science’s message, the same science that guides planes down to safe landings and makes your cell phone work to access the world. The message is that we’re in a perilous situation with respect to planetary warming.

We asked Mr. Reid to pledge that, before the next election, he will propose, champion and support legislation to update Canada’s climate policies and bring them in line with the urgency called for in the IPCC report.

The summary is available at

We ask that Mr. Reid be another voice within the Conservative caucus for climate action. The precautionary principle (that one must take action when a dire outcome is a real possibility) means we must take action to ensure our best chances for a safe future.

We don’t expect anything less from our Member of Parliament.


Doug Barr
Susan Brandum
Andrew C. MacDonald
Anita Payne de Gaia




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