Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Municipal Election 2022Rickey Minnille, candidate for Deputy Mayor

Rickey Minnille, candidate for Deputy Mayor

Hello.  My name is Rickey Minnille and I am asking for your support to carry on my duties as Deputy Mayor.  Over the past three and a half years I do believe that my duties here and at County level have been fulfilled. 

The County of Lanark plays an important part in our lives.  It’s more than roads and bridges.  The County is also responsible for social housing, long term care, paramedic services, community support programs and county-wide planning matters.  My highlights there were chairing Community Services and supporting the increase of our affordable housing and Rent Geared to Income inventory which now stands at 823 units with more than 30 more coming in the near future.  That is above the provincial guidelines.  During my time at the County, I also chaired a Special Planning Committee that started the County Official Plan Review process, which will have a direct impact on our municipality.   While chairing Economic Development, we had a sub-committee that I also chaired.  We produced a climate action plan which I am very proud of.  

Things coming up at the County that affect Mississippi Mills are the revitalization of the Blakeney Bridge, changes to the Official Plan and the question of growth while still keeping our rural character.  Another question is how to distribute County Public Works projects in a fair manner. 

At Town Council, the achievements with the help of the Mayor, staff and Council have been many.  But the reason I stand in front of you tonight is to ask for your support to carry on the work of Deputy Mayor in the trying times ahead.  Although past accomplishments are a good reference, looking to the future is important.  These are a few of the upcoming issues I am thinking about: 

1) Expanding affordable housing in all areas of Mississippi Mills

2) Retaining qualified staff

3) Building teamwork at all levels

4) The cost of living and how this will affect our tax rate

5) Improving services and timelines in the Planning & Building Department

6) Installing traffic calming measures 

7) The upkeep and maintenance of our roads, bridges and water/wastewater infrastructure

8) Cost-sharing agreements 

Working with all neighbours in a professional manner is important.  The sharing of goods and services will become more prevalent as the cost of everything keeps rising.  

For those of you in the audience that don’t know me, what you see is what you get!  I come to the table prepared and I love my job as Deputy Mayor.  I am an independent thinker and a team player.  I do hope over the next four years that my previous 14 years of Council experience will be beneficial to all residents of Mississippi Mills.  

Thank you, and please remember to vote for Rickey Minnille.  




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