Editor’s Note: The flashboards placed in the Mississippi River by Enerdu at the upper falls have been removed by a person or persons unknown.  The RiverWatchers have become aware of a rumour that their members are responsible for this action. They have issued the following statement. 

It has come to my attention that there is a rumor extant in our community that the recent removal of the newly installed Enerdu flash boards was the work of the Mississippi RiverWatchers. This rumour is pure fiction and the allegation is untrue, and malicious. The Mississippi RiverWatchers is a purely fact finding and Information disseminating group of citizens who challenge the technical and ecological details contained in the plans for the expansion and development of the proposed power generating facility, located in the river in the center of Almonte. Those who have initiated the rumour would appear motivated by a need to discredit and demean the good work of the RiverWatchers and the community of support that has responded to our efforts, undertaken on behalf of all who recognize the uniquely beautiful setting in which we are privileged to live.

The RiverWatchers have never and will never undertake any kind of action that is destructive to private or public property, and we will never encourage or condone other individuals or groups of citizens to undertake such action in support of our mission.

Bryn Matthews

Chair, RiverWatchers

Flashboards as of fall 2012
Flashboards as of fall 2012