Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Arts & CultureRobert and Sharon Newton to make a documentary about Almonte

Robert and Sharon Newton to make a documentary about Almonte

Documentary filmmakers Robert and Sharon Newton of Almonte are turning their camera on their beautiful home town. They are in production of a new film entitled “Almonte’s Interwoven Past”. The film will be a comprehensive telling of the always fascinating and often surprising history of Almonte. The film will be the first record of Almonte’s history in glorious high definition video.

It will feature old photos and films, plus current-day video footage and live on-camera interviews with town residents and historians who have first-hand stories, memories and knowledge about Almonte’s rich history.

“Almonte’s Interwoven Past” will bring to life … as only film can do … the stories of the early pioneers and settlers, the early lumber trade, Almonte’s flourishing textile industry, the many mills and business entrepreneurs, the railroad, early businesses, doctors, teachers, churches, schools, hospitals, and more.

You will see the grand architecture of Almonte’s past and learn about the fascinating families that built, worked and lived in the beautiful homes and heritage buildings.

You will learn things about Almonte that you never knew before! For example how Peacock Crescent and other streets around town got their names; whose face is represented in the statue on the Cenotaph; why the widow’s walk was built on the top of what is now Gamble’s Funeral Home; and so on.

Although the Newtons have already conducted extensive research, including devouring all of the fine books written on the subject, they know that there are many more fascinating stories and materials out there that can’t be found in the existing historical records. So they invite anyone who would like to be part of this historic project to share their stories for use in the film. They are also looking for more pictures and home movie films that would show the town as it was in days gone by.

If you can help, please call 256-2483 or email info@almonteheritageonfilm.com as soon as possible.

You can find out more about the project and see a sample video by visiting www.almonteheritageonfilm.com

“Almonte’s Interwoven Past” will be available on DVD and BluRay later this year. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.

This film will be a great memento for anyone who loves this special town.

This is the fourth documentary film by the Newtons. Their earlier films include “In Danger of Legacy Lost: An Argument for Preserving the Art of Juan Geuer”, “The Carleton Place Canoe Club: It’s Colourful Past and Exciting Present”, and “Memories of  the Ex: 122 Years at Lansdowne”.  Preview videos of these films can be seen at www.almonteheritageonfilm.com/documentaries.html




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